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The Safe Approach to Conveyor Design

When faced with a conveying project, partnering with the right supplier and the right products are critical for success. Employee safety is also a top concern in the bulk material handling industry, yet is not often considered when selecting a supplier for conveyor projects. What do you look for when picking a supplier that combines engineering experience with the use of products that perform reliably and safely?

Do they factory assemble?

Projects assembled at the factory and shipped complete minimize onsite installation requirements, which also lessens the risk that employees are injured when connecting and installing the package. Designing complete packages for assembly also ensures that all components are sized correctly for the application.

Are all safety accessories included?

Complete conveyor packages should include all safety accessories available for included products. These accessories include guarding and end cover options for the entire package so debris does not enter and employees are protected from rotating equipment.

Are remote sensing options offered?

The ability to access equipment remotely with wireless sensors, without having to climb a ladder, reach into a tight space, or touch potentially hot equipment, makes the environment intrinsically safer for maintenance teams. This can be especially important on long, high conveyor belts where checking equipment may be a dangerous task.

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Are the right products offered?

The safest product is the one that requires minimal human interaction. This means that it should be easy to install and un-install, run reliably and require minimum maintenance. Therefore, the supplier you choose should use products that are designed to be easy to use and last, while keeping your equipment and employees safe. Products should also be designed with features to withstand the harsh environment that most bulk material systems operate in.

Safety is important to all of us. That is why it is important to select a supplier that can not only provide a complete conveyor package designed to meet your application needs – but also offers the peace of mind in knowing that your equipment will operate safely.

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