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Pit & Quarry


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Former House speaker visits P&Q Roundtable

Newt Gingrich touched on a variety of business issues during a virtual visit to the Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference earlier this month.

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How Cemex finds opportunities to pursue sustainability

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Breaking down the industry’s legislative, regulatory agenda

Michele Stanley provided P&Q Roundtable attendees with an overview of the issues the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association is focused on.

Stedman Machine Company


New Stedman Machine Company Heavy Duty 6-Row Cage Mill

Stedman’s 6-row cage mill for non-abrasive applications: aglime, lime, cement and more. Ideal mesh range is 40-325. The 6-row offers extended uptime and ease of maintenance.

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Optimistic outlook for construction in coming months

Dodge Construction Network's Richard Branch expects a bounceback second quarter and remainder of 2022 despite continued headwinds.

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MSHA targeting silica with enforcement initiative

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Biden administration pushes for gas tax pause

As gas prices continue to rise, the president is asking Congress for a three-month pause to the 18 cents-per-gallon federal gas tax.

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New Updates to Handbook 44 are Revolutionizing Vehicle Weighing

Weigh-in-motion technology is now approved for both checkweighing and legal-for-trade transactions. Benefit from 3X higher productivity, enhanced safety and increased sustainability with WIM!

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Photo: P&Q Staff

Gingrich discusses supply chain at P&Q event

During a P&Q Roundtable visit, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich detailed why he expects shortages and high pricing to likely continue through 2023.

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What's happening with equipment supply right now?

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Plenty to keep tabs on within the aggregate industry

P&Q’s Kevin Yanik reflects on the business environment surrounding aggregates, presenting key takeaways from the magazine’s Roundtable.

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Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations logo

California producer obtains LGBTBE certification

Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations says it is the first aggregate producer in the state to be certified as such. Find out what it means.

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Safe, smart and sustainable mining solutions

Today's mines are under more pressure than ever. You're asked to increase productivity and reduce costs, while also improving safety and minimizing your environmental footprint. Michelin Better Mining can help. Our team can work with you to discover your objectives, goals and ambitions, then customize a proven portfolio of products, support, services and solutions.

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Pit & Quarry Magazine

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The industry reexamines safety following fatality uptick

MSHA program aims to enhance driver safety

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